35 weeks

I know this post is a little late...however, I didn't have internet service all weekend. Also- fair warning. There are several pics of me bare belly coming up. So if you can't deal with it. No offense taken and stop reading.
This week I am 35 weeks pregnant. Whoop. It is HARD TO BELIEVE there are only about 5 weeks till baby girl gets here. I really cannot comprehend that!
She is around 6lbs and about the size of a honeydew mellon. Pretty much is is just adding weight and maturing her lungs at this point. (And making my ribs feel like they are bowing out!)
We got to go to the lake this weekend to celebrate memorial day/relax with our small group. It was seriously the best weekend. Not for any particular reason. We didn't do much, the boat was in the shop so I didn't even actually get out on the lake, and the lake was so high we couldn't walk to the dock, so we had to take the fishing boat to get out there and tan. However- It was exactly what I needed (Dan too). A weekend with no agenda, no plans, good fellowship, and just pure relaxation. I honestly can say I didn't even think about anything going on here in KC, anything going on in our daily lives. I just enjoyed the time away. We got to lay out a ton and my skin is now a wonderful shade of light pink that doesn't hurt at all and in two days will be an "awesome tan". (When I say awesome tan- I mean although the rest of the world will still see me as pale, white, ghostly, ect...I will feel like I have some color).

I do feel like we have a ton of stuff to do before baby girl gets here and I have started a massive to-do list knowing full well that it all will never get done. But there is no harm in checking a few things off the list.
Last but not least here is my 35 week pic and a few pics from the weekend.
35 weeks- swimsuit edition
This is pretty much what I did all weekend. I also slept a lot and ate a lot.

Dan and Rob tubing off the back of the fishing boat
Love, La


  1. you look so darling. i love you. can't wait to be with you tomorrow morning!

  2. You look adorable! I love that second picture of you laying out...your belly is so cute! Praying for you friend and the last 5 weeks. Love you

  3. You look ggreat!! Oh my goodness! Love you and continuing to pray ;)

  4. you are one of the cutest pregnant women i have ever seen! love & prayers


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