34 weeks

34 weeks!
Oh my goodness what a crazy week it has been! I can easily say it has been the hardest week of my pregnancy so far, however, it has also been the week I have enjoyed being pregnant the most.
Sunday night I had my work baby shower! One of my closest work friends Becky is two weeks ahead of me so we had a combined shower! It was super fun and really cute! All the girls from work who planned it out-did themselves and we both ended up with some really great stuff! Here is a pic of us being preggo and stuff!
Tuesday night we had our maternity shoot and Wow did our photographer do a WONDERFUL JOB!! She seriously is amazing. Check her out HERE. I know after you see a couple of the sample pics you are all going to want to book her ASAP. I mean seriously she has mad skills.
*All photo credits for this next section go to Alea Looney and are not to be copied*

ummm yeah. I told you they turned out well! And that is only a few of them. Some of my favorites I didn't even post.

Wednesday was a busy day. Baby girl wasn't moving a whole lot so I went and had an ultrasound done. They did what is called a biophysical profile and she passed with flying colors. However, the ultrasound did show a few other things that will ultimately change our birth plan from birthing naturally at The New Birth Company to a hospital delivery at St Lukes on the Plaza. The rest of the week was busy with making new doctors appointments- it is funny when you tell the scheduler you are a new patient and they tell you they can get you in to see the doctor in 3 weeks. I ended up doing a lot of explaining and telling them I am 34 weeks preggo and can't wait 3 weeks for my first appointment. Turns out the practice I am switching to has an appointment coordinator and let me tell you SHE IS A GOD SENT! She has made the transition over to a new practice and all the details it entails MUCH easier! I had my last appointment with my midwife friday. I love her! She seriously is an incredible woman and an incredible CNM and I am very sad to be leaving her care.
Then I worked Thursday and Friday night and here we are to Saturday- busy week!

Here is what I know for sure-
*The ultrasound estimated baby girl to be over 5 lbs. She has some LONG arms and legs
*I love being pregnant. Seriously it has been so easy and wonderful! Yes I have had back pain, leg cramps, acne, and have been somewhat emotional, however- I really love it. I love her moving, I love how I look (I know right!?!) My husband even loves me being pregnant. And I am sad that this is coming to an end. I feel like 2 weeks ago I was over being pregnant and now I don't want it to be over!
*I am super excited to meet our daughter. Dan and I are so thankful that God chose us to be this exact baby's parents and we can't wait to get her into our hands (Yes I know this sounds a bit confusing since I just said I don't want to stop being pregnant, but you know what I mean!)

Here is my official 34 week pic
Love, La


  1. Okay-so the second picture of just you is the one I wanted to comment on Facebook but couldn't...you look BEAUTIFUL!! I love that picture.

    Second--the one afterwards with you and Dan completely captures you guys. It's a perfect Dan and Laurisa pic. Love it.


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