33 weeks

Oh my gosh! What a busy weekend it has been! I cannot believe how jam packed these weekends get. And the weeks too really!
I am 33 weeks this week and managed to snap a pic, but I have no idea what is happening this week! Oh well maybe I will get around to reading our "week by week" book.
So my little broseph graduated from KSU this weekend. He has a bachelors in biology and Psychology. He is staying at KSU working in a lab studying aspergillus and will be starting his masters/doctorate in the fall. WOW- he is smart. He was trying to explain how he researches the fungi and I was TOTALLY LOST!
Here is a graduation pic of the little bro and I! I am so proud of him!!!

Then last night Dan WON tickets from his work to see Cirque du solei at the sprint center in a SUITE! It was awesome! A FREE date night, free food, AWESOME seats, and an incredible show.
Here we are at the founders club before the show feeling ALL VIP!
Then this morning was Emily and Wyatt's daughter (Clara)'s dedication. It was so great to see a community come together and bless and celebrate this little girl!
Soon clara will have a little BFF! We are pretty much going to force our kids to be friends. Em and I have been friends since 5th grade and have stayed close since then.
Last but not least here is my 33 week pic!
All of this yesteday, and we have my MIL over for a birthday bbq as I type and I have my work shower tonight! Bah! BUSY WEEKEND!!!!
Lots of love,


  1. Oh my goodness gracious! I cannot get over your adorable baby bump! You look so good! And so awesome about those free tickets!! Miss you!


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