So another week has already past! WOW are flying by or what?!
To recap this week...
I babysat one day,
I worked 3 days, (which in my world =36 hours -okay only 32 this week)
Went to two small groups/missional communities,
Had a nasty "bug" that involved lots of nausea and trips to the bathroom,
The above item mandated a trip to see my midwife (apparently nausea, prolonged diarrhea, and abdominal cramping are signs of preterm labor) -Which then got me a day of bed-rest

Which leads us to right now. Technically my 24 hours or bedrest ended 2 minutes ago, however, I am still somewhat crampy, so I am not gonna push my luck. This baby girl has AT LEAST 12 more weeks to cook (12 weeks?!?! THAT IS GOING TO BE HERE SO SOON!!!!) (P.S. I am aware that it will be longer than 12 weeks!)

Info about the week-
*Baby is about 1.2-1.3 pounds & about 8.4 inches head to rump length.
*Baby girl is moving a lot more! I really think that if Dan would be patient enough to wait to feel her he would be able to. So far after a few minutes of nothing he gets frustrated and gives up. Soon for sure though. ***update***Dan felt her move for the first time late last night. He finally had enough patience to wait. When he felt it he looked up at me with the biggest grin on her face. It was a cool moment!
*I am definitely looking preggo now. My uterus sits about 2 inches above my belly button, and I have a much fuller looking belly this week.
*It was a bummer feeling sick all week. Hopefully it is just a bug and not something else!
*Favorite thing I ate today? uhhh this thing.

My best friend (who is just 2 days shy of her due date) is a pastry chef and she made these. Yep, best cinnamon roll I have EVER HAD. no kidding.

That's all I've got for now,
Love, LA


  1. this is the most precious thing i've ever seen. you get more and more beautiful each week! i need to see this baby belly in person, like now.

  2. you are so f*ing cute. Am I allowed to say that? Keep the pictures coming..


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