Fashion and Lent

Firstly I wanted to share this...

This is my husband (He is kinda my favorite guy around). When we met he had three outfits. His starbucks work outfit. A blue and white pen-stripped ong sleve shift that he rolled up to be 3/4 sleeve (he never actually washed or unbuttoned this shirt ust would slip it on and off and then throw it in the dryer to freshen it up-YUCK!). He wore that with LIGHT washed jeans that had slits at the bottom because they were originally tapered leg (I think) and they didn’t fit over his shoes. (Sadly I don’t have a picture of this outfit, but considering he wore it on our first 8 dates I have it saved in my memory)

This outfit, which was his "summer outfit.
A long sleeved shirt that he pushed up and black gym shorts and his pumas. Keep in mind I made him wear the shirt inside out cause it was a band shirt and had an extremely inappropriate picture of a girl in a martini glass on it.

And here he is today before work! I mean seriously the man looks GOOD! He has on an Argyle Sweater and just happens to have matching argyle socks. Oh what 4 years, the influence of a woman, and a full length mirror can do for a man!
Speaking of four years ago. I just wanted to mention that Dan and I started hanging out/had our first date four years ago- I don't know the exact date, but It was during spring break of March 2007. I am so thankful for him.

On to other things. Today Lent starts. (I didn't realize this till last night but was wondering why all my co-workers were talking about getting wasted on a tuesday night).
So to prepare myself for the Easter season and the magnitude of the sacrifice that Christ made for us I have decided to do two things.
1. Give up cussing. I seriously have a bad mouth these days. I mean I kinda joke about it but when the F word flows out of your mouth multiple times a week & very naturally. Yep I need to work on it. (Plus, sweet baby girl can hear me now! I don't want her hearing that!)
2. In my last post I talked a lot about self image and donning the belt of truth. So my other goal is to Daily don myself with the belt of truth FIRST. So that means no social networking, blogging, tv, email, phone, ect ect until I spend a bit of time in the word. Those things seriously distract me the most first thing in the AM, and then I forget all about spending time in the word and go about my day. Takes 30 days to make a habit. Isn't Lent 40?
That's all I've got for now!
Love, LA


  1. 40 days PLUS Sundays. So 46 days actually. Not that I'm counting as I sit here and think of a large ice cold fountain drink. No. not counting at all.

    Good on you and your Lentings. When I was giving up the effenheimers, I used famous peoples names instead of curse words. "Oh for Frank Sinatra already." It helped. Also, it helped that my mans called me on it every time. Good Luck.


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