Baby Got Back

Alrighty, So the topic of discussion tonight has been BOOTYs. Yep, you know what I mean.
"Little in the middle but you got much back".
Most women either LOVE or HATE their booty. I have heard of people trying to work out so their butts get smaller, and then of people acutally buying panties that have booty pads to enhance what they don't have naturally.
It has been interesting to hear peoples opinions on what type of bootys they have vs other types of bootys other people have.

My friend Tara has an "Onion Butt" in her opinion. It is round and almost jumps right off her backside into a lovely shape. I remember in highschool we would say..."I have an onion butt, a butt that will bring tears to your eyes" (we meant it in a good way...although once I had an onion butt but that was from a can of sour cream and onion pringles and brought tears to dans eyes in a bad way, but thats a WHOLE different story...I digress)

Another friend said by the time my pregnancy was over I would have a shelf booty. I think that goes something like this....(and truly has more to do with your back than your booty)

Your butt just pops out naturally because your belly is so big.

Here is a for real shelf booty. LITERALLY.

You could fit an igloo cooler on that booty!

I currently have been labeled with the bitty booty...A butt, but not a whole bunch of one.

My favorite booty label of the night is BUTT CRACK TO MIDBACK. That one came from one of the funniest people I know. (Seriously-she gave up FB for lent and I feel that it is more of a sacrifice for all of us because we lose out on her witty commentary) BUTT CRACK TO MIDBACK is when you have a very long booty, there is a definite lower starting point at your hip/thigh area but then it kinda slopes up your back and doesn't have a definite ending point...thus butt crack to midback.

So I challenge you to assess yourself...What kind of booty to you own? Bubble? Flat? Ghetto? Shelf? Apple bottom? Bitty Booty? Butt crack to midback? Take a look in your mirror and leave me a comment. I will be intrested in hearing your conclusion!
That's all I've got for now.

Love, La


  1. no! no! no! no! that last picture can't be for real! aaaahhhhhh! And I have no idea how to classify my booty. I'll have to ask the Husband. :)

  2. bahahaaha! love this post. i will have to say though, after having lb i lost my butt. i was devastated bc even though my butt was a little big i loved it. now all my jeans make me look like i have a flat booty and not a cute one. oh the things you never thought would change after a baby

  3. So honored to have a shout out in your hilarious blog post! Thanks for letting those other friends of yours will shelf. onion, & butt crack to midback booties know that they are not alone :)!

  4. That last picture is of a real person. She's a adult film star called (no pun intended) Mz Booty.


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