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26 Weeks....(I know right? It's flying by!)

So another BUSY week has passed. I worked my 3 days and then watched Fletcher & Morley two afternoons. They were busy, and kinda grumpy at times, but it was fun to spend time with them. (Makes me glad I am on my first kid and not preggo with my third though). My friend Jess always says "God Gives you enough grace/strength to handle exactly what is going on right now" and let me tell you I don't have enough of either of those things to handle 3 kids full time at this moment. Or even 2 and a pregnancy. So hopefully in a few years God will provide that grace, and right now I can be thankful to only be having one!

In other baby news:

*She is around 2lbs now!

*I am feeling her move a ton and she even will respond to me pushing where she is moving and she will push back.

*She is aware of light and dark and can hear what we are saying to her

*I was a lot more tired this week and really could have napped every day (too bad I didn't get to)

*I have been pretty emotional (poor husband. This week I may have cried over the nursery, the weather, the jayhawks losing and numerous other reasons)

*26weeks is the last week in the second trimester...CRAZY!

Here are a few snapshots from the week.
I have taken so many tums in the last few weeks I had to restock! I don't really like the mint, but the assorted fruit are okay.

We went to the lake to celebrate Rob's (my bro-in-law) birthday. They have a coach outlet and even though I SWORE I wouldn't buy anything (and I guess I didn't). I found this super cute diaperbag. It is hot pink inside. Anyway, Dan said we could find a better bag (he really meant cheaper) and then went back and bought it for me. (Cause he rocks and is WAY to nice to me). I love it. And last but not least here is my 26 week picture. Dan snapped it on my phone really quick before I left for work because we forgot to take a pic yesterday. I am impressed with my phones camera quality. And very unimpressed with the PORCELAIN color of my face. ****IF THE SUN WOULD SHINE AND IT WOULD STOP SNOWING I WOULD BE ABLE TO FIX THAT ISSUE.(Just saying)

That's all I've got for now.

Love, LA


  1. love it! you have a great husband, a great little baby girl growing inside you, and you're going to be a great mama when it's time for that baby to grace us with her presence! Which i can't FREAKING wait for!
    i love you.

  2. you're 27 weeks now. :) time to update!
    i was trying to take a nap today in prep for my first night shift, and laying in bed i thought, "i wonder if Laurisa has updated her blog?"


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