This is my picture from yesterday at 23weeks. You can tell that my uterus is still just level with my belly button because you can see the indent that is my (rapidly widening & extremely shallow) belly button.

I took a few more today. (when I say a few I mean probably 30) I wanted to get a "good picture" funny thing is though, when your body is growing out of control getting a "good picture" becomes a daunting task and might have (or did) lead to COMPLETELY unnecessary tears)
This one I took after eating a hot dog and cheese fries from The New York Dawg Pound check them out. YUMMY! Anyway my belly is NICE AND ROUND here...thanks to the hotdog =)

And then of course I couldn't help but take one with Mira. You can tell she is thrilled. (And getting really heavy for me to pick up)

How far along am I? 23 weeks 1 day
Any new symptoms? Not really. Baby girl is moving a ton. Which is a very odd feeling sometimes. Still having lots of heartburn & at really random times. More tired that I have been the last few weeks
Fav thing I ate today? By far a bite of dans Chili Cheese Dog at "New York Dawg Pound" the cheese fries were AWESOME too. I ordered a dog with sauerkraut and mustard (also delish).
Other stuff? I have been super emotional. I serious have cried 3 times today. Once about the pictures, once a few minutes later about that again. And then when I got frustrated with the bed skirt I was making.

Speaking of bed skirts Dan and I started working on baby girl's bed skirt today. He wanted to help and really did help a lot! I was wanting to add a ruffle and got frustrated when it wasn't working how I wanted it too. I think I am giving up on the ruffle. We "paused" the project for now, we will probably finish next weekend. It wasn't worth the tears today.

Something else funny- Today Dan ran a red light, it was yellow and he just kept going once it turned red- my response was "wow" and he replied... "Hey I am not going to get yelled at by the pregnant lady because I was driving too slow and missed the light"
All I could do was laugh because he does drive slow and ALWAYS misses lights because of it, and I ALWAYS comment on it. *I Already said I was emotional right? well I guess he noticed too...

Anyway- That's all I've got for now.
I am thankful for a healthy baby girl and for a loving husband who is more patient with me than I deserve!
Love, LA


  1. Aww, Laurisa, you are too stinking cute. Can I bake you something special this week? I know I enjoyed baked goods during my pregnancy...and on days when those tears seemed to come at random. Let me know if you have a favorite and I will whip it up for you! Loves to you!


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