Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition

Okay- I am guessing this post is going to be WILDLY unpopular. However, I am still going to post it.
My hubby subscribes to Sports Illustrated. He pretty much lives and breaths everything sports. I once found him reading those little boxes out of the new newspaper that tell you stats about players. So he knows his stuff is what I am saying. Anyway-not the point. So every year (because he is a good man) he throws the swimsuit addition straight into the trash- to avoid flooding his mind with pictures of scantily clad women that are not realistic to what he can expect from this girl. And every year I thank him while secretly thinking "I wanted to look at that" I would never actually say this (except now to you all) because truly I appreciate that he doesn't look at it. Well this year I was home when it was delivered and got to look at it before he threw it out!
I know I know, you are all thinking- "Hey Laurisa, Aren't you almost 5 months pregnant?, Doesn't this give you unhealthy body image?" or "Did you read your post from sunday?" or "You are letting the media tell you what you should look like" or "so you don't let your husband objectify women, but you do?" ...did I cover them all? (If not please feel free to leave a comment)
I love the painted on swimsuits. I flip eagerly through the pages of the magazine to get to them. I find them ARTISTIC and INCREDIBLE. These "swimsuits" take almost 24 hours to paint on these girls and they look SO REAL. I seriously just spent 25 minutes looking at the 5 or 6 painted swimsuit pictures they had in there. They have creases where they would crease and the detail of the design is breath-taking. I wonder if these women feel dressed after they are painted on, cause they certainly look like they are wearing a swimsuit. Okay so that is my dirty little secret. I love SI swimsuit edition. (Or the 6 pages of painted on suits)
That's all I've got for now
Love, LA


  1. Can't help but giggle a bit at this one! You are so awesome!


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