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Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1. I am sick again. We have had such bad luck with illness in our house this winter. I pride myself in having a good immune system (it used to be HORRIBLE, but since working at a pediatric hosptial it has gotten SO MUCH BETTER!) however, pregnancy and illness = sick LA. Dan is sick too, but that is because his tonsils need to come out-but what do I know? right?

2. I have had so much fun crafting/repurposing things this week. I even got Dan into it a bit. He went to the thrift store with me and picked out some good projects.

3.I really want to go on vacation! A beach vacation would be lovely. Just saying.

4. Today when I was trying to nap (It was mostly a failed endeavor) my little lady kept moving all around. It was so fun! She has never been that active. I can't wait till Dan can feel her too!

5. Have you seen "The business of being born"? Its a good documentary about hosptials and childbirth in this country. Check it out. *warning, this documentary is about having babies, so some nudity and grossness will be encountered. =)


  1. You should definitely add that "Business of Being Born" is not for the faint of heart...or rather, not for those prefer to keep their mental images of Ricki Lake clothed. It's not so censored. :)

  2. So wish we lived in the sane city so you could teach me how to repurpose things :) and so I could see your beautiful pregnant self in person. Yay to increased movement that is the best part of being pregnant!


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