FIRST THINGS FIRST....OUR GAS BILL WAS 260 bucks! EWWWWW......I am VERY UPSET about it, but enough with the complaining.
So I have had the MOST productive week! (Minus the fact that yesterday I had a slight bowel issue and couldn't go to work- TMI? yep least I didn't say I was peeing out my bum...oh wait, I guess I just did. Guess it is definitely TMI now) So anyway. I think I am nesting a bit. I started and finished my BFF's bedding for her little girl that is due in 4 weeks. It looks great! I also learned to make a valance- not just a cheap k-mart version....but a very professional pottery barn looking one. It is lined, has wonderful pleats, and will hang beautifully! I will post pictures when she gets the nursery put together. My grandma is a wonderful seamstress and gives me all sorts of good tips and help in making these items. It's wonderful because I will never have to pay (except for fabric and labor) for window treatments again. And now that I have done it once with help, I could totally do it again!
Here are some pics of some other projects I have done this week.
This was a brushed nickel lamp that we were not using anymore (don't worry the shade will also be getting a makeover) and UGLY picture frame (that I got at goodwill for 50 pennies) I used Krylon's "Ballet Slipper" as the color. Pretty much I LOVE IT!
In our living room we have a beautiful built in bookcase. So I spruced it up a bit. I really only changed a couple of shelves, but it still was fun to do.

This mirror on our mantle was a very boring off-white that totally BLENDED into the wall. So it also got a touch of matt-black Krylon spray paint. Stands out much better. The rest of the mantle still needs some work, but its coming along too.
That's all I've got for now! Lots of Love- LA


  1. Seriously, you are so creative! I am a little envious of all of the cute stuff you are doing for Baby Girl's nursery! She is going to adore it! And wear the cutest headbands all of the time ;)


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