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So I am obsessed with buying Prego "Heart smart" traditional spaghetti sauce. My husband has to keep me in check in the sauce aisle. He commonly says "WE HAVE FIVE JARS OF THAT AT HOME!" And pretty much he is right. We don't eat a lot of spaghetti, or spaghetti sauce, but I just love this sauce, it is low sodium and I am TERRIFIED I won't be able to find it. (EVER SEEN HOARDERS? ARE YOU THINKING THAT IS ME ABOUT NOW? don't judge.) Anyway. Just wanted to share this comical obsession with you. Tonight we will be having pasta and using this sauce so you know I will NEED to buy more next grocery trip. =)

Dan and I hit the local thrift store the other day. We got a bunch of great home decor items that needed some HELP. But we spend 20 bucks and left with a ton of stuff. So here are a couple things we got before & after.

This one is a metal pillar candle holder it is super intricate, but I just don't decorate with gold. Bought it at the thrift store for 1.99. I primed it with white spray paint primer, and then used a metallic silver spray paint it with.

These candle sticks came in a pair for 2.99 Again the gold and I am not a fan of light wood either. However, recently I saw
these at for around $40 a piece. I know they are ALL black, however I liked the two toned so I just kept it.

First I taped up the metal part, sanded the wood, and sprayed the middle black. You have to do very light coats of spray paint to avoid dripping. The hardest part is having patience between coats and then waiting for the black to dry ALL the way so you can tape it to do the metal. I then primed the metal with white spray paint primer, then used metallic silver to do the rest. Again, patience is key! (I got a little over zealous and ended up with a smudged part on one of the bases)
Here is the finished product. I am kinda wondering if I should have done the candle sticks in all black, hummm.... I will sit with it a few days and then decide. Hopefully I can get candle sticks tomorrow.
That's all I've got for now-
love, LA


  1. love those little creations La! you're so good at that stuff and have such a good little eye for things like that!
    Next time you go thrift store me! I'll tag along and hope that some of your creative juices rub off on me.
    love you!

  2. The hoarding cracks me up! I do the same thing! Especially when I was in South Africa. If they had some American canned good or something in stock, I bought 5. Every time they had it! Unfortunately, I had to leave a bunch of it behind because we simply didn't have the luggage space for countless jars of enchilada sauce, etc...haha!


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