BABY BLOG 22weeks

YESTERDAY was the celebration of me being 22 weeks preggo. (It actually was not a celebration at all...just a normal saturday)
So- as requested here are a few pics and a little bit about baby this week.

* Baby weighs about 12oz....we are getting SO CLOSE TO A POUND! =)
* I saw my new midwife this week and she gave us a lot of "assignments" including water intake, exercise, vitamins, ect. She expects a lot more (which is good) that my last midwife. Dan got to meet her, and really liked her too. (PHEW!)
*I work out with a trainer once a week and this if the first week my bump really got in the way. Running, planks, push-ups, yah-my pelvic muscles PROTESTED. (I guess they feel that if they already are having to do extra work holding this growing baby up is it really fair to make them do planks?)
*Still having heartburn, not sleeping the greatest, and I'VE BEEN SICK ALL WEEK. I HATE COLDS... just fyi. However, due to the looks of my snot we are headed to wellness in the next few days. =)
*No weird food cravings, although I did eat a BOX(the movie concession stand size) of good n plenty- but I loved those before. I'm kinda having to make myself eat because I'm just never that hungry.
*I'm feeling her move a lot more. Dan wants to feel her too, but nothing yet. Today he was trying to get her to move and talking to my belly in a western accent. "Baby, this is your daddy, move on around in there" - I told him I wouldn't move if a creepy western man was talking to me either. So he talked to her in a normal voice...still nothing. bah. oh well.

That's all I've got for now!


  1. Why are you so cute?! These are my fav baby bump pics! You should actually have these three framed...and hung in baby girls room:) Too fun:)

  2. Well I don't know about framing them, but can you tell I am getting bored of taking "bump pics"?

  3. you TOTALLY look preggy in these! i love it!


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