Baby Blog 21 Weeks

So I have been feeling a little boxed in by the rigid baby blog format. So here are a few random facts about this week.
1. Baby weights about 10.5 oz and is 7.2 inches (crown to rump length)
2. I feel her move now but it more like a feeling of pressure, and not any specific movement. It still is only able to be felt internally... meaning dan cannot feel it.
3. I have noticed the gagging has stopped. I really haven't gagged over something in over a week probably.
4. I have heartburn LOTS...if I think about food, if I drink water, sit up, lay down, ect ect ect. HOWEVER! Popping a couple of tums really seems to do the trick.
5. I have been doing a lot of creative stuff and I just have this huge drive to work on the nursery, and every part of my house truly.
6. I guess that is about it. I think I am showing more in "normal" clothes- Some of my organs (including my uterus) have begun to move up into my abdomen so I have a more "INCLUSIVE" looking preggo belly instead of just a FUPA (yes, that means FAT UPPER PUSSY AREA....Yes, I know that is kinda inappropriate, but that is what I have been calling this baby belly- cause I think its amusing, and lets be honest- this blog is written to AMUSE ME!!! )
In Scrubs I just look the the short chubby white girl that eats too many twinkies.

For your viewing pleasure-
AND YES I AM DRINKING A CUP OF COFFEE! It is my morning ritual, and I refuse to stop. Now, if I drank a pint of VODKA as a morning ritual I would work on that habit, but I feel strongly about "Everything in moderation" (minus vodka in the everything category)
I may be enhancing my belly in this shot by arching my back a bit. OKAY OKAY I totally am enhancing it, get over it, I am just excited to be looking preggo and not fatto. =)
Guess that's all I've got-
Love, LA


  1. i love it. i also love that you said FUPA on your blog....AND told everyone what it meant...
    i love you!


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