As realistic or Unrealistic as it might be

So- I am shocked by my lack of blogging this week. Actually I have been in the blogging world a TON, but just haven't blogged at all. Here a few new blogs I've found that I REALLY LIKE! Some are just cook stories, one is my very WITTY AND HILLARIOUS aunt, and a one is a crafting/diy blog. Check them out- you won't be sorry.

Okay so I also missed monday miscellany- or miscellay monday (I always forget which word is first) which happens to be my favorite blogging day. DANG IT.

So I've been thinking about goals I have for after baby girl joins us. I get that I am naive, and some of them are probably VERY unrealistic, however, they are just goals, no one is going to beat me up (including myself) if they don't get done... so here they are. Feedback is VERY welcome.

1. To get dressed every day- Okay, when I say "get dressed" I mean change my clothes. If I am wearing sweats to sleep in, and change into NEW sweats, I think that counts. I am not going for a hygiene award here, but would like to put in a bit of effort everyday-plus if I plan to change my clothes, I figure that means I will be likely to brush my teeth and pull a comb through my hair daily as well.

2. I want to have a date night with my husband. I am willing to give us a month or so to get this worked out, but I want to be able to spend a few hours weekly eating a meal just with the two of us . I think I am a bit nervous about adding a baby into our relationship. We really have a wonderful thing going right now, and I don't want to loose that. I know it takes work to keep relationships strong, so 2 hours a week for us alone seems reasonable to me. WHO WANTS TO BABYSIT?

3. This is kinda starting now, but I want to work hard on our budget so we don't feel stressed with me cutting down hours at work and find ways to save on everyday items we use. We use Dave Ramsey's method of budgeting, and we do not own a house yet, so we need to be saving big time so we can stop renting. (yep, I know a lot of people buy with little to no savings/downpayment, but that isn't our choice so we will have to budget well for me to work partime add a baby and save well)

4. Do the laundry. Dan currently does the laundry. He always has and I don't mind one bit! I HATE folding/hanging up laundry. However, only working part time I think I should pick up this chore. Just to be nice. Not cause I really want to...just in case you were wondering.


  1. #1.I just discovered that you have a blog! I've been missing out.
    #2. Thank you for mentioning my blog. I truely cherish your support.
    #3. I love that you have goals. I think they are great ones. It's all the important stuff. There's one thing I've found that no one ever talks about while you're pregnant. And that is how you are going to feel about your body after baby is born. It's a whole mess of emotion and getting cleaned up every day is a great way to tackle that. People used to tell me to sleep when the baby sleeps. Since the baby will sleep a ton at first- make sure the first sleep is devoted to a shower. Amazing how that will make you feel. Go get 'em girl!


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