And he did it again!

Hey...remember that post I posted a few hours ago? Well check this out... I told you he was romantic and seriously this is the BEST present I have gotten yet.
(SERIOUSLY GET CUTER... thanks Jess for the phrase)

Every 10th thing says that "You are beautiful" because I don't believe that about myself enough.

And just in case you were wondering how I look in dan's bed pants...Pretty Sexy huh? =)
A couple more of my favs-
#47. How the first time I met you I had no idea that we would fall so madly in love.
#83. How you like to use the restroom with the door open, or when I'm in the shower.
#64. How cotton balls freak you out, as well as the sound of walking on snow.
There were also some super incredible ones, one actually made me shed a tear! But those are for my heart. Seriously I will cherish this present forever....And I think I will keep him. =)


  1. What a guy! And I gotta agree with every 10th one - you are BEAUTIFUL.

  2. well done Dan. i love it. you guys are so good for each other and love each other so well.

  3. Awww! I love it! You two are so sweet and I will jump on the band wagon and agree with the fact that you are certainly beautiful :) Inside and out!

  4. Awww what a keeper! So romantic! :)

  5. okay! the sweetness! its almost too much for me. i love how you are bringing a baby into such a lovely love! shines so bright.

    you do look hot in those pants.


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