20 weeks

So! Yesterday was 20 weeks! Yep that is right- Only 20 more weeks till we meet this Little Girl! I am super excited. I didn't take a picture yesterday, and I don't intend to fill out my weekly pregnancy blog. But here is what I've got for ya-

-I have eaten my weight in Gummy Worms this week...this is something I aim to STOP NOW. They are just so yummy.

-I have started having heartburn. BOO to heartburn- YOU STINK HEARTBURN! ( I would like to point out I was shocked by this burning in my chest sensation- because I have never before had heartburn- I now carry tums in my purse)

-I have offically (or not so offically-if you count the gym scale and my trainer as non-offical) gained 8lbs so far in my pregnancy. Lets be honest, I am not really cool with ANY weight gain, but since that is not realistic or healthy (I'm not delusional, I knew I would gain weight) I am okay with 8lbs. I better cut down on the gummy worms or I will gain 8lbs THIS WEEK. (My swim suit bottoms still fit, so that is a plus...I am NOT going anywhere warm to be in a swimsuit, but I thought I would check just in case, and because I WANT to go somewhere warm and be in a swimsuit.)

-We bought some really great frames for baby girl's nursery at the thrift store this weekend- when I say they are really great I mean they are sturdy, but HIDEOUS...however, after some spray paint, and putting fabric over the mats they will be GORGEOUS! Can't wait to get crafting.

-We also went to restoration hardware and got a couple paint samples. I am thinking SILVER SAGE is the color for the nursery. We have to get the okay from our landlord to paint, hopefully he sees how NECESSARY it is and gives us the go ahead.

That is all I've got for now.


  1. Hmmm...I think you are nesting. :)

  2. Some days I think "I wish I were pregnant again" which is why it is good for me to read your blog and remember the parts I didn't like... not just the parts I loved. Heart burn... about 20 weeks I started having it so bad Brad could hear it! It was ridiculous! Little tip: drinking a large glass of milk seemed to calm it just enough to fall asleep. At least for me. And most of the time. Good luck! :)


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