My feet get cold in the winter

Occasionally my toes just can't contain themselves...and they sneak up on my poor poor husband's bare skin. This is precisely what is about to happen here.
You know what I am talking about? When your toes get nice and chilly and and they cannot help but say hello to your mans unsuspecting warm skin?
He will likely hollar something like "get some socks", or "geez woman", or "Nooooooo" in a semi whiney voice. And somehow I just find this hilarious. Bahahaha...(I know I am evil or something)
Tonight though was different. He outsmarted my evil little freezing cold piggies. He tucked his shirt into his boxers so I could not slide my freezing cold toes up his back.

Dan-1 Piggies-0

Just wait till bed. =)
-love LA


  1. Hahahahahah! I LOVE that he tucked his shirt into his boxers to protect his skin! Toooo funny! Good job on blogging by the way :)

  2. bahahahahahaha!!! laughed pretty hard at this one! I'm totally guilty of this as well. and kyle has a verrrrry similar reaction. love it.

  3. bahaha.he should really let you do whatever you want this winter though, since you are carrying his child :)

  4. hahaha i do this to wyatt too. but lately i've been going to bed before him and he comes in after i'm warm and sticks his ice sickle toes on me!


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