Miscellany Monday

Okay,Okay it is now Tuesday. But it is the wee hours of the morning tuesday and I still haven't gone to bed from monday so to me it is till monday (until I sleep)

1. I bought my husbands birthday present. I am so excited about it. I know it is something he wants but will not guess and that he will be excited! YIPPEE...I love surprising people...just don't like surprises.

2. I am a nurse and one of my biggest pet peeves in nursing is central line infections. It really just makes me angry. How hard is it to use good technique and SCRUB THOSE HUBS....seriously people...it is so disappointing when a kiddo gets an infection- it just completely derails & delays their care.

3. Snow...snow is completely over rated in my book. Yes it is fun to play in for a limited amount of time-I agree there is nothing better than going down suicide hill in a black trash bag. However, it is both wet & cold- two things I hate to be, and it gets all dirty and leaves everything in its path all mushy and soppy and such.

4. My dog pees on the deck when it snows. I am not sure why. She never does this normally. But in snow it always happens. Then she will go into the yard to play. I think in snow since everything is COVERED in white she has no concept of the difference between the deck and the yard.

5. That's all I've got for today.


  1. i don't think there's anyway your baby is going to be more neurotic than Mira. so at least you have that. :)


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