Emotions and Mira

Before I begin this little post, lets be kind and remember that I am pregnant and normally a somewhat emotionally stable person!

We have a lovely dog- her name is Mira. She is super sweet but very neurotic and kinda crazy. I often wonder if she has some sort of head injury- due to her completely unpredictable and psycho behavior. Some days she will wake up and be a "normal" pooch...other days- she is skiddish, looks around the room like something is going to get her, and hides.
Well yesterday afternoon when I woke up (I worked the night before so got up around 4:30pm) she had takenamajor dose of the crazy pill. When I got up I tried to let her outside. She ran away and hid in her bed. So I figured "oh well she will let me know when she has to potty" (keep in mind at this point she hasn't pee'd since around 8am when I got off of work and let her out). I tried again around 5, before I showered at 530 and then finally before I left around 6. She REFUSED to go to the bathroom. She would run away when I went to the back door, finally I picked her up to take her out, then she would sit by the back door never actually getting off the deck, head lifted, refusing to look at me(I was standing in the yard like and idiot trying to coax her out).
So finally a little frustrated I give up. When I go to leave for work she tries to follow me out the front door. So I figure maybe I should try the front yard. I get the leash, she follows me out, and as soon as we get in the yard she puts her tail between her legs and begins to pull as hard as she can to go back inside, again never looking at me- her neck is extended head pointing up and she is literally turning herface away from me. AHH!!! So I begin to try and talk calmly to her, tell her its okay, get on her level. Nothing works. Finally defeated I take her back inside. I get all my stuff again, and she tries to go back out the door with me! MAKE UP YOUR MIND MUTT...ARE YOU SCARED OF THE OUTSIDE? OR THE INSIDE?
At this point I am MAD! I feel that I have failed as a "mom" because I can't get my pooch to use the potty and I hate knowing she is afraid- and I am mad that she is so crazy psycho & afraid and has been since she was a pup.
So I cry- I cried all theway to work. I cried to my husbands voicemail (He then responded with a super sweet message on my phone reassuring me she is fine, and he would get her to potty and to breath essentially) then I cried to my mom who tried to give me suggestions (by the way mom, we did move her kennel to the family room). Basically I cried over NOTHING! NOTHING!
Now there is the pot calling the kettle black huh? Here I am this huge emotional mess because of NOTHING(besides the ever growning being taking up residence in my abdomen)...and I am mad at a dog who is seemingly scared of nothing. I guess the jokes on me- at least I could laugh about it right?!?
Too bad I had to show up to work looking like someone had beat my face with a wet rag. Then explain to people why I had obviously been crying. Oh well- they all thought it was funny.
Here are a few pics of mira- she was seriously crazy from the start
This is our sweet girl on the car ride home...hiding her face in the door cup holder. *YEP SHE'S SPECIAL
When she was really young she used to get all her toys, pillow and even bowl together and drag them under the table and hide out there. But isn't she CUTE!!!
This is Mira's classic "LOOK AWAY" pose. She is afraid of the noise a camera makes, so she refuses to look at it. Yes, she was dressed up as a chicken. It was a fitting halloween costume.
Can anyone find Mira?
Thanks for the Rant...
love, LA


  1. i definitely laughed out loud at the picture of her hiding her snout in the cup holder. I'll take this as continued reassurance that her hiding and freaking out whenever i come over really had nothing to do me. :) your'e gonna be such a good mommy. full of patience.
    love you!


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