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Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

So in an effort to blog more frequently I grabbed this idea from a friends blog.

1. As posted in my last "baby blog" I now have a certifed citrus obsession. I have eaten my way though half a case of "cuties" in 2 days, had more OJ than is probably healthy and have had a true tinkering for Key Lime Yogurt. Yummm Citrus!

2. My husband and I made a deal that if he would read the first Harry Potter book (He calls it Harry Potsmoker but I LOVE the books and believe he will too) then I would read the first book in Clive Cusslers "Dirk Pitt" series. I think he got the better in of the bargan...but I am only one chaper in so I will let you know.

3. Speaking of Citrus- My BFF got me this Pink Grapefruit Sorbet body butter from Sephora for Christmas. It is the best stuff in the world and smells so great! (Odd that I find the citrus smell delish huh?!?) My hands are now ALWAYS nice and silky. Thanks Em!

4. I got to eat lunch with a good friend today. She is a breath of fresh air and it truly made my day to just fellowship with her for the afternoon. Lucky me- I get to spend a whole six days with her in a few weeks!

Not to bad for my first attempt at a random monday?

Love LA


  1. Found the blog! Love it! i've spent the last 30 min getting caught up on all that i've missed! :) i'm adding it to my list of blogs to check daily!
    love you!


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