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How far along am I today? 16 weeks 1 day
What is the favorite thing you ate today? A very lovely bowl of frosted flakes
How’s the food stuff coming along? Cravings? Aversions? The thought of BBQ still can make me gag, and oranges still are tasty.
Any new symptoms this past week? I have had a huge aversion to smells this week! Several times at work I have gagged at some smell that normally I could handle no problem.
What about the exercise routine? Again- I need to do better
Sleep…is it good/bad/mediocre? Good sleep this week
How big is the baby, any major milestones for baby? Baby is about the size of an avacado!
How about the baby’s activity? Still not feeling any movement! I am so excited for this to happen. All in good time I suppose
Did anything special (besides the baby growing!) happen this week? We had a surprise birthday party for Dan! It was a whole lot of fun. (I will be in colorado next weekend so I will miss his real birthday) I also starting reading "Husband Coached Child Birth" very good so far. I am also thinking about changing midwives- I have a meeting with Kathy Gordon (a midwife I went to Africa with in 2008) on tuesday to talk with her about having her deliver me. She is delivering in the hospital for a time between birthing centers- she is building a second birthing center in KC and had a huge hand (maybe even started) the one that is here. I loved her when we were in Africa and I think she will fit my personality and "desires" for how I hope birth day will go better than the midwife I see now. (Although I do like the midwife I see now) Also- We find out in 2 fridays what "type" of baby we are having! =)
No pic this week. Sorry folks.


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