15 weeks


How far along am I today? 15 weeks

What is the favorite thing you ate today? Sheridan’s Frozen Vanilla Custard with hot fudge and bananas! YUM

How’s the food stuff coming along? Cravings? Aversions? Still loving the Citrus foods. I ate my first pregnancy sushi-cooked of course. It was pretty good. Not as good as my pre-prego favs.

Any new symptoms this past week? My pre-prego jeans don’t button =( But…I am loving my bella band! I have had a cold–ish thingy since christmas and it hasn’t gotten better. Man is it hard to get better and grow a little human!

What about the exercise routine? I could have done better with working out, I am still trying to figure out a good workout system. I gave up my gym membership since we moved and its been too cold to walk outside. I need to invest in a good workout DVD I think.

Sleep…is it good/bad/mediocre? Good, besides getting up to pee frequently.

How big is the baby, any major milestones for baby? Baby is about 4.5-5 inches and about the size of a softball.

How about the baby’s activity? Baby is moving, and hopefully I will be able to feel it soon! We read in our pregnancy book that baby may even be sucking his/her thumb! Cute huh?

Did anything special (besides the baby growing!) happen to me this week? It was a pretty uneventful week actually.Sorry to be lame, but I’ve got nothing.

15 week photo. My belly looks a little pointy but that is because the button on my pants doesn't button anymore and although I love the bella band it doesn't make things perfectly smooth.


  1. So cute! And I totally think the workout dvd is the way to go. I enjoyed mine at least and am still enjoying the post-natal workouts!

  2. Yah the dvds are good. Then you can do it on your own time and not feel bad missing a day or two since you aren't paying a monthly fee. Your bump is adorable! I had major problems with the bella band since my booty is big and would cause it to push up in the back but I figured out if i rolled it in half it worked much better. Not sure if you've tried that.
    Have you gotten any canker sores yet from the citrus? I had so many but kept eating ;)


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