14 weeks

Happy New Year! I do have a new years post that I will probably post later today, and I may take a pic for this post, but no promises!
Here is my 14 week baby blog.

How far along am I today? 14 weeks
What is the favorite thing you ate today? This super yummy Mexican Taco Corn Cheese dip stuff that my co-worker made! Thanks Jen!
How’s the food stuff coming along? Cravings? Aversions? No aversions, and no serious cravings, although oranges always sound delish and I have eaten multiple oranges or other citrus fruits this week.
Any new symptoms this past week? Unfortunately yes- Two things. I have had a cough and have to be careful to frequently empty my bladder, or else if I cough suddenly I may whiz my pants just a wee bit- YEP I just admitted to piddling my pants on my blog. Also- When I cough I feel like someone is pulling on my belly button from the inside. It’s a very odd feeling.
What about the exercise routine? I went on a long brisk walk one of the days we had nice weather and I looked into joining a gym in the area. A friend also recommended a DVD so I think I will check that out. My goal for week 14 is to exercise an acceptable amount.
Sleep…is it good/bad/mediocre? Sleep was good this week.
How big is the baby, any major milestones for baby? Baby is about the size of my clinched fist. Baby’s bones are starting to harden and baby can now move his/her facial muscles! Baby can practice breathing and pee!
How about the baby’s activity? I’m sure he/she is active, but I haven’t felt it yet
Did anything special (besides the baby growing!) happen to me this week? Happy New Years! Baby will be born this year!


  1. I craved citrus as well! I ate so many oranges everyday, which is odd cause I use to be allergic. I also ate lemons and drank so much hot lemon water. So glad to hear someone else has that craving :) There is a pregnancy yoga video that I did all through pregnancy and loved it! It made me so flexible and felt so good on my joints, let me know if you want the name of it. And pictures please :)


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