We Moved!
Dan and I decided to rent a cute little home in Roeland park. We love it so far. It has hardwoods-which are WAY easier than the white carpet our apartment had, a cute fireplace, and two bedrooms. Mira is finally adjusting and will now go in the back yard without much pushing and prodding. She now plays this cute little game where when we go to let her inside she runs back out into the yard and goes all crazy. She is still super skiddish in the house and often says in her kennel or lays in her bed. She has started getting better though and sometimes will come sit with dan and I on the couch. She’s crazy. What can I say…we do what we can with her neurotic dog personality. And just love her anyway!

Here is a recent pic of us with our crazy mutt!


  1. you guys look amazing! what a wonderful family. :) lovin your boots as well..


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