So its been awhile

I kinda failed in the blogging world for the last few weeks of 2009. But here we are in 2010!!! I have begun a new hobby. I have started making baby quilts- or stroller/car seat blankets and bibs. I am also getting ready to open an etsy site and a blog. and Now- to answer the obvious question I am not pregnant! Just needed a new hobby and choose this. Mainly because so many people around me are having babies and this makes good presents and hopefully a little moolah on the side. SaSaBlue is a play on my name. My little pal Fletcher calls me SaSa for Laurisa and Blue cause it is way easier than Ballew. So please check out my sites in the upcomming months for info and baby shower gifts!
Nothing else too exciting is going on....oh yeah, my gma did wreck my car (and hers) in a little driveway miscommunication which involved a firm discussion on her desire for me to pull into the garage and me refusing. And her trying to straighten up her car, forgetting it was in reverse while talking to me, it rolling towards my car and then her hitting the gas instead of the break sealing the deal and creating two wounded vehicles! Fun times. Anyhow...HAPPY NEW YEAR. More to come soon!


  1. You have weird hours to be awake. I mean really, who posts at 5:42am other than super old people who are up already. In other news, it is great to see that you are being creative and making money. Oh and as for the whole grandma thing. whoops. I am sorry to hear about that. It sounds like your car is unlucky. Maybe you should have a pope/the pope bless it, or drive though a field of 4-leaf clovers. (p.s. If you find a field a 4-leaf clovers please let me know I could also use some luck) Anyways, I hope that you are doing well.

  2. i just figured out how to make your pic show up when you follow someone! when you click "follow", you can hit "change" on that screen and make your blogger profile follow that blog, instead of your google profile. aha!!!


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