So last night I had an very weird thing happen. I was at the gym running on the treadmill and when I went to put in my ear buds they gave me a not so subtle electric shock. I was very surprised and thought it may have to do with the volume. Silly me put them back in and continued to get shocked....GO FIGURE. Well I stopped using them promptly and continued my run. However, every time I would touch the metal on the treadmill I would shock myself. The hair on my arms and neck was standing on end. Finally a little freaked out I got off the treadmill to touch the rubber mats thinking that would help. It did so I finished my work out and went home. I felt fine, showered, but then when I went to dry my hair and plug in my dryer electricity jumped out of the outlet and zapped my fingers making them completely numb. I was slightly (I mean very) scared and called my mom who very coolly told me I was probably going to be one of those people who spontaneously combust. THANKS MOM.
Anyway, I finally dried my hair but wearing rubber souled shoes... I figured that would ground me right? But for the rest of the night I felt the effects of my electric events. My skin periodically felt like a current was running across it making me feel itchy and I continued to shock people/my poor dog that I encountered. Thankfully it wasn't a rainy night and I didn't get struck by lightning... cause I am guessing that was the next step on my path last night. I was also thankful for my very funny friend Jacky who immediately took the situation seriously (After reading my facebook status) and did some research on "Minor electric shocks" Thanks friend! =)
Here is a link to spontaneous combustion just for you to read up on


  1. ha! you should be on an episode of some teen drama about spooky things.... how weird! please dont explode though, thanks.


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