Dan and I's wedding was great. It was the best day of my life so far! Everything was perfect. It was awesome. The honeymoon was wonderful and we are adjusting to married life very well. We have been very busy- a weekend at the lake, and we are off to colorado on tuesday for 9 days. It was all been great, although I have missed/worked through church for the last few weeks. It has been discouraging not to go. The last time I went we discussed Abiding in God. Just spending quality time with him daily. So far I have been doing okay with that. I am loving it and truly Long for it. I have mainly been reading through Ephesians. The verse that has been very much on my heart says something like do not say anything unless it is encouraging to others according to their needs. That is definately something i have been working on and meditating on. I also have been thinking a lot about the junk that we put into our heads. Through what we watch and listen to. We are not called to this world, but to be transformed. We are new creations are we acting like it? Just some things to think about.


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