Two weeks...

I haven't written for a bit. In just two short weeks I will marry my love! It is very crazy. I am so blessed to be with such an incredible man. I have been reviewing my life lately thinking about the past and I can honestly say I am SO glad Dan came into my life when he did. Gods timing is so very perfect. I know things were messy in the beginning of our relationship. However, I truly was caught up in a poor relationship that was going no where and although timing seemed to be a bit inconvienient, it truly seems perfect now.
A few weeks ago I went back to Dan wengers old bedroom at his friends house and had some girls pray over me to just be free of all the guilt, and bonds that hold me so tightly to him even when there is so much time between us. God is Good. I feel the bonds of my past have been released. I feel free to be who God wants me to be and not have to constantly be staring through a veil of my past. Dan wenger has been on my mind a lot though. Emily gives me updates every so often and it sounds like he is doing pretty poorly. I hope someday he is able to see how much he is loved by others and by God. Anyway on to brighter topics!
I only have four more shifts until I am off for the wedding. YAY! Work is very over-rated. However I am thankful to have a job. We are completing all our wedding tasks and are ready to relax and enjoy!


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