Snow in spring?

So I woke up this afternoon to a scant amount of snow outside. By the time I was ready to leave for work 5:50pm. It was pretty much a blizzard outside. There was so much freaking snow! IT IS ALMOST APRIL PEOPLE!!! You can never count on the midwest to get its seasons right. This is a picture of downtown. Obviously not taken today, but you get the point of how it looks covered in snow. I work downtown however you can't see my building. It is just a few blocks to the right of this picture. That is the old train station featured in the picture.

I got up at 3 today and pretty much just layed in bed until I had to get ready. I just wasn't feeling the productivity. I have been so busy with work lately its a bit nuts. I do get two nights in a row off this week. Then I have to work 2 days then Laci is coming into town. My first shower and bachelorette party are this weekend! YAY!! I am very excited. I also get paid this week...Another exciting thing. Everything is costing so much money lately! It is LAME! I am very thankful for a secure Job and paychecks that are consistant. Dan and I are thinking about getting a Dog for our wedding present to each other. It would be kinda fun I have to admit. Although then we have to be responsible for a being besides ourselves. I have been looking on petfinder and they have some CUTE dogs to adopt!! We need to seriously think about it. It would be a quick addition to our brand new family! Something to ponder at least.


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