A new beginning

I had a blog a long time ago. I mean a LONG time ago. I really updated it frequently, but then I just stopped using it. So lets try this again. I think it is a good idea and kinda a fun thing to do. Plus with the amount that I think about things it can't hurt to write down some thoughts and ideas.
So here is a bit about me
I have great friends. People who love me and who I love back. Girls that have been around since elementry school. New friends from nursing school, I am just truly blessed by friends.
I have the the best fiance in the world. He is worth all his family drama. The pic is of him and I obviously. He would do anything for me, it is kinda incredible actually.
I have been majorly hurt by a man, causing scars that to this day I am not over, I have a great fiance, but still the scars from D.W. run deep. I am above being treated the way he treated me and choose to find my happiness and partnership with a man who will give as much into the relationship as I will and who will treat me with love, kindness and respect everyday.
I love my job although I totally have spring fever and don't want to spend all day sleeping and all night working. I will deal with it though.
I am so excited for our wedding and our future. Dan is just incredible (I may have mentioned that before) and I can't wait for the big day. Although I am completely stressed out about the planning of the event.
Oh and I love Jesus and strive to become more like him. I stink at it, but I am trying
I guess that is enough for now.


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