I wrote out a list today of everything I need to do for the wedding. It was OVERWHELMING! I called dan in a panic and he was very kind. He basically told me to chill and everything would work out fine. I know it will. I just have a lot left to do and time is running shorter and shorter everyday.
I am truly struggling loving Dans family. The kind of struggling I just need to get on my knees and ask God to take any unhealthy thoughts out of my mind. I just need to love them. However hard it might be. I definatly need to spend some time on my knees about it.
I went out last night with a bunch of girls from nursing school. It was Azitas b-day. I had a good time for the most part but one of the girls and I butted heads a lot. There is just a lot of conflict in that relationship. I feel like it is the same thing with Rob and Sarah. So much stuff has gone unsaid that probably should have been cleared up ages ago. So at this point it would just be bringing up old crap.
It is suppost to snow today. It has been so nice the last couple of weeks and then today...snow. GOT TO LOVE KS WEATHER!! I did receive a huge crate and barrel package in the mail today. My first shower and bachelorette party is Next saturday. I am very excited. Hopefully it is warm by then.
Here are a couple goals for this week.
-Be positive!! Positive about wedding stuff, about family and about work!
-Don't worry! I am not going to worry about the parties this weekend. They aren't my problem just are for me to enjoy.
-Spend time in the word daily and pray for my family
I think all this is going to take more time than I have!


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