I have been doing a lot of planning for the wedding. We are having a "green" theme. We are using green apples as centerpieces. The bridesmaids dresses are green along with several other things in the wedding. The price is green. LOTS AND LOTS OF IT! So here is one centerpiece pic I stumbled across that I love. I think the split peas along with the green apple and orchid are just super cute. I need to figure other things out...like my hair. Dan has been so great about the whole process. I tend to stress about things, but he just pitches in and helps and then tries to calm me down. Today he came over before I left for work (I work nights at a childrens hospital) so he offered to make my lunch. -He is truly that nice of a guy. Then he told me how beautiful I was-I just washed my face and my hair was wet when he got there. I looked like CRAP! however I guess he doesn't care. Truly I don't think I could have found a better man. God is so good to have blessed me with him. To understand that statement in its entirety I must explain a little about my past. I fell in love for the first time at age 17. He was wonderful...or I thought so at least. Dan (both guys are named dan) So dan wenger is adventurous, he loves to spend money and he laughs harder than anyone I have ever known. Not to mention he is extremely attractive. However I fell in love with him and we had a lot of fun together for quite a while. After a while he wanted to date around. To make sure I was the "one" then his bestfriend when I was away at college was a girl. Finally he confessed in an overdramatic way that he was in love with her, and he love me too, but just wasn't in love with me anymore. So of course I was all broken up about him. For what seemed like eternity. 4 years is just a long time to date someone. Then we were on again off again for a while till I met my dan, Dan Ballew. I wasn't so sure about him at first. But he truly is the kindest most sincere person I have ever met. He loves hard. And would do anything for those he loves. He truly treats me like a queen. For once in my life I discovered how a woman should be treated, I shouldn't have to fight for everything I want in live D.W. was very selfish and always made me fight. Not to mention he broke my heart in a million pieces. Of course he wanted me back once my dan came along. He realized what he was loosing I guess. I still miss him sometimes. However I would NEVER trade what I have. I just regret that things couldn't have been different. So back to my dan. We actually get to hang out tomorrow. Me working nights and him in school and working is hard on our together time. However we always have fun and the time we spend together is so precious to me. Okay enough for now. I have stuff to do at work.


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