Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas specials and warm fuzzies.

Tonight my post is dedicated to the epic Christmas Special. Every year about this time I spend endless afternoons on the couch sucked into lifetime's or various other network's Christmas shows. The way that they are overly predictable, that they always involve a mysterious character that works things together so the outcome is perfect, and that Christmas spirit always works in some Scrooge's heart which allows the scrooge to make a huge contribution to the main character, it all just gives me warm fuzzies.
Once when I was a little girl I wrote to Santa and asked him to bring me a twin sister. Of all things a TWIN!! Somehow I missed the reality of genetics and how babies are born
(perhaps this was back before I knew that the stork was a myth). Although looking back on this request I am going to blame the "Christmas Special". In these shows anything is possible. People find out they have a twin, they get new mommys and daddies, they find a new wife or husband, they get free homes, they are healed form all sorts of ailments, little siblings that are in foster care are allowed to come live with them (this last example is from a recent show I watched in which, for no apparent reason, an adult sister was not allowed to have custody of her young brother, their parents had died in a tragic accident in the past. So at the last minute the social worker had a change of heart-see my scrooge analogy above- and gave her custody, and to top it off the adult sister rekindled past love with her high school boyfriend and he proposed...HOW PERFECT!!!! I am getting warm fuzzies just recalling it!) So it is because of examples like this that I blame the fact that I asked Santa for a twin sister. (Side note- Santa did write me back that year. I know, I am that important that Santa wrote me back. I just found out this year that the US postal service had a program that wrote back to kids from Santa. I always wondered how that worked. I never did ask my parents about it because it kept the magic of Christmas alive not knowing if it was them or not.)
I am sorry to inform you all that my life is NOT a Christmas special and so Santa did not bring me a twin sister. However, I am sure I got some cool toys. In the spirit of Christmas Specials this year I will be wishing for a free home. I would like the one from Miracle on 34th street(In that movie she got a new daddy, a home, and a new found belief in St. Nick!).

I hope all of you have time to lounge on the couch for an afternoon sipping hot cocoa and taking in the magic of the season by watching a mindless yet oddly fulfilling Christmas Special.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I propose a confrontation class.

Once a year my best friend and I have a huge knock down HUMUNGO fight. I am the opinionated person who can put it all out there and sometimes not realize I have offended someone and she is the person who wants everyone to be happy and truly has very little of a backbone to stand up to her overbearing bff. We lack the essential communication skills to understand each other. However, we love each other and both never have stopped fighting for our friendship. Watching other people I feel that this is a common problem. Just plain lack of communication skills.
MAYBE!!! We should require all students to take a communication class and learn how to resolve conflict. - But that is just my overly opinionated opinion. =)
I think we all need to remember that women want to be pursued. Even if it is in friendship. So if you have a friend out there that you aren't pursuing try a little harder. Pick up the phone, make the first call. Encourage them. Let go of the false perceptions that you have about your friends and love them. Friendships fade and they won't always last forever, but if both people aren't in it, if both aren't trying and both aren't pursuing each other...its not gonna work. At lease in the girl world. So be the bigger person and if both people are being the bigger person it will work out.
But again, that is just my overly opinionated opinion. -La