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Hi! I'm Laurisa
I'm a pediatric nurse by trade. A wife to my wonderful husband Dan and a mom to our precious baby girl Emmaus. I am an avid crafter and love to have my hands busy making something beautiful. I am a follower of Jesus and I live each day trying to be more like him. I love the Cosby show, Parks & Rec, buying craft supplies at a discount, making & giving gifts, a good cup of coffee & a good conversation, Nicholas Sparks novels, and traveling. 

Yah- this is me at work. In my "It's a pink christmas outfit!" I like pink...a lot. And christmas too for that matter

This is Dan- He is my wonderful husband. He is funny, he is smart & he has a HUGE heart.  He is encouraging, loving and the most SELFLESS individual I have ever met. I am the luckiest woman to have a man so wonderful choose me to live this life with. He is an incredible father . He likes things very neat and tidy (too bad I don't know a thing about either of those words).  In our house Dan does the laundry (yep I'm super lucky). He is the master fixer and he straightens up the house almost every night before going to bed...again lucky! He loves the KS Jayhawks, "the Office", "Parks & Rec" and Everything Sports Center.

And this is Emmaus our sweet little pumpkin. She is the happiest easiest baby ever. She has a lot to say and always is happy to give a smile. She loves her mommy & daddy and her pink flower blanket. She used to love a good pacifier...but now prefers a thumb. Her hobbies include swatting at toys & naps.
Emmaus got her name from Luke 24. Because as Dan and I look back in life it is clear that Jesus has always been with us. We chose this name before we knew that Emmaus had Tuberous sclerosis. We love her name and know that although she has a long road ahead of her Jesus will always be walking with her.

This is our story. A story of trials and triumphs and the funny things that happen along the way. We live a good life.

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